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Calana Kalanabhyam / Calculus Formula

Quadratic Equation can be broken down into 2 binomial factors. This session covers an explanation in terms of differential (first) and discriminant. Calana – Kalanabhyam means ‘Sequential motion’. This is otherwise known as “calculus formula”.

  1. In the First instance calana kalanabhyam is used to find the roots of a quadratic equation say 7×2 –11x – 7 = 0.  Then by applying the calculus formula we obtain 14x–11 = ±√317.

Q eqn -1


In the Second instance, ‘Factorization & Differential Calculus’ is used to factorize the expressions of 3rd, 4th and 5th degree.

d-8 -3

Hence in this way we can compute the numericals using “Calana – Kalanabhyam sutra”.


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